Fitch Solutions



Fitch Connect is a research platform, API, and product suite offered through Fitch Solutions providing credit risk insights. 


With a release deadline, and performance mandates to meet, a product team with no in-house design team was looking to provide a visual solution that could be immediately leveraged for short-term lift. 



Because of the immediacy of the release schedule and the mandate for the platform to produce specific results, the product team was able to target specific outcomes. The company was in the midst of expanding it's UX practice, and as a contractor, I was the first designer that the team hired. Rapid visualizations of content priority, and laying some initial groundwork for product metric driven user insights, I was able to brand the product, connect with key stakeholders, and design a functioning UI system for the platform in the 2.5 weeks I was partnered with the Fitch Team.



The engagement included cursory product research, key task-based interface level information architecture, and the rapid development of a visual system for the web app.