About & Bio

Between the Earth and Sky, digital composite of photograph and acrylic on canvas, 2015

Between the Earth and Sky, digital composite of photograph and acrylic on canvas, 2015


Human-centered design & creative strategy. 

Using design-thinking to solve complex problems collaboratively.

My creative practice is centered on the principles of insights driven, human-centered design, leveraging lean methods of ideation and validation, and inspiring creative teams. 



I'm a design strategist, researcher, and professor based in New York. 

In Brief

I have 10+ years of experience making digital products that are used by millions of people. From experience strategy to mentoring and training the next generation of designers, I help companies create scalable processes, make better decisions around design, and help teams ship high performing and meaningful experiences.

For a list of client information and teaching engagements see my full resume →

Sample Clients and Partnerships

  • The City of New York - Business Improvement District - Intersection One Studio

  • The Media Lab at MIT - Social Computing Research Group

  • Amazon - Voice, data, and streaming media

  • Barclays Investment Bank

  • Start-up - Turing Advisory Group - Blockchain and Social Innovation

  • Lazard Asset Management

  • Discovery Communications Corporate - Streaming media

  • The Fabric Workshop & Museum



I became fascinated with the critical nature of social innovation and the power of creative processes to catalyze change.

Back Story

I’m originally from Philadelphia, and in 2006 after finishing a degree in Fine Art focusing on Printmaking, I spent time writing grants, curating exhibitions, and teaching public art to adjudicated youth with The Mural Arts program.

I was introduced to design while working at the Fabric Workshop & Museum on the SWARM exhibition. Through an apprenticeship program at a contemporary arts space at the intersection of art and design. The show was curated by designers Ellen Lupton and Abbot Miller and brought together works that express swarming as a social effect of physical objects, data display or organisms. It was at the intersection of art, design, and human behavior. —Connecting aesthetics to function and human interaction. It was a formative moment to realize how aesthetics can shape behavior and designed objects are ubiquitous. To attribute them to a moment in time, and understand them as contemporary artifact shifted my view of the world. Not long after, I came to New York to do postgraduate work at Parsons, School of Design where I would return in 2016 as an Adjunct Professor of Design Strategy & Management. 


I transitioned into technology design in 2008 in the midst of the burgeoning Lean and Experience process evolutions. Studying the interactions between people and technology through continued inquiry, design, and development of digital products and experiences. I've had the pleasure of working with companies from titans of industry, to social change driven non-profits, to scrappy tech start-ups, to artists and cooperatives alike including The Museum of Modern Art, The MIT Media Lab Social Computing Research Group, and Barclays Investment Bank, and the Greene Hill Food Co-op in Brooklyn. 

When I'm not seeking the best solutions for my clients or engaging with the art and design communities you can find me knitting around the city.