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Socio-Technical Interventions



Studio Director for Josh Sarantitis, a Brooklyn based artist and Research Associate with The Media Lab at MIT, Social Computing Research Group. The group creates loosely coupled, decentralized social systems that foster healthier real-world environments. In addition to managing the daily operations of the studio, I had the pleasure of working with the Lab on 3 additional opportunities.  


  • Software Design, Civic Engagement, and Prototyping around Microculture Urban Gardens.

  • Grant research and writing for a public works project pitched to the city of Washington, DC.

  • Participation in the Metzger experiment run through the Art Culture and Technology (ACT) program as a visitor providing a guest critique.


Considerations on systems for learning, agriculture, and transportation. 

A series of container-based micro-gardens produced from up-cycled materials were used in the installation of a mobile park. 

Using urban farming principles, and permaculture - the use of sustainable and self-sufficient agricultural ecosystems. 


The micro-garden units were designed through collaborative open sessions, materials exploration, mapping, and creation of the modular structures. 

This was part of a larger project for the research group that explored structure, human scale mobility, and the relationship between the built environment and the natural world. 

2014-05-19 14.25.12.jpg


  • Sep Kamvar

  • Josh Sarantitis

  • Lisa DiPiano

  • Yonatan Cohen

  • Kim Holleman

  • Kim Smith