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Strategic Ideation



Digital product concept ideation and strategic engagement for Discovery Communications, the world's #1 pay TV programmer reaching 3 billion cumulative subscribers in more than 220 countries and territories. 


The digital streaming video experience for the product suite offered complicated sites with too many ads and outmoded content structures causing low user engagement and poor revenue performance.



Three phased approach to the "Future Vision" for Discovery Communications Corporate, including solutions for 9 stations and online video platforms. The process included concept ideation & rapid visualizations, content structure explorations, technology feasibility study, product integrations for improved content recommendations based on human behavior and indicated need, an executive summary and pitch.

Evaluating the existing platforms, exploring the possibilities for innovation, and developing solutions for:

  • A responsive template for use across 9 network sites

  • A better watching experience for cable subscribers

  • Content optimization through adaptive streaming video

  • Increased consumption of long-form videos

  • Increased user authentication

  • Improved content structure

  • Improved search and schedule information in support of linear tv consumption.

Stakeholder Strategy Session

Stakeholder Strategy Session

Stakeholder Alignment & Discovery Engagement

Following a series of stakeholder interviews, we conducted a 1/2 day workshop with 15 executive stakeholders to align on key performance measures, content prioritization, and user story writing. This was part of a 4 week Discovery engagement that resulted in prioritized requirements, heuristic evaluation and review, stakeholder interview,  product vision and tenants. 


Smart, relevant content that extends past keywords & categories. 

Content & Context

Smart, relevant content that extends past keywords & categories. By leveraging human-centered behavioral insights, understanding consumption patterns, and relevant context, we were able to partner with vendors to recommend an adaptive, predictive content recommendations engine for more than just video content.



This was a winning pitch to the EVP and SVP of digital included in the presentation to the board of directors. The pitch secured a discovery engagement, a definition, and design engagement. Moving from discovery into definition and design phases of delivery, I led a dynamic, international 7 person team that delved into research, created a modular and flexible systems architecture, modeled content, designed a visual framework, and built out the entire product across multiple breakpoints.