Understanding the complexity of context & shifting consumer expectations over multiple touch-points over time. Service innovation considers the entire experience and the entire organization holistically. 

As opposed to human-computer interaction, or user research techniques, service innovation involves the complexities of perception and human to human interactions across multiple touch-points. It addresses the infrastructure of materials, the perceptions of staff or back office employees, and the expectations of consumers and prospects. 

Because the strength of the solution depends not just on the value of the design or insights, but the willingness and ability of the organization to make change, the potential reach of service design needs to include broad vision, granular detail, and principles of organizational change management.


High levels of collaboration increase acclimation and adoption of service design innovation. 

While the artifacts produced in the creation of service innovation can be hugely useful and insightful documents for organizations, the process of creating them, and the collaboration that occurs creates acclimation and increased adoption of proposed service innovations.  

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