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Digital Product Design


Understanding emerging technologies, digital proliferation, human-computer interaction, and designing for technological change.

Designing good digital experiences is no longer just about usability and performance metrics.

Understanding the way that technology evolves, and the effects that has on organizations is a key factor in structuring digital product development in a way that is sustainable for organizations and product teams.  


Process Evolutions

While a lot is written on user experience design process, in my experience with digital product development, from product to product it's rarely the same twice. This holds true for both client side and agency side engagements. Because of this, aligning on the tenants of a design rather than a prescriptive process and creating flexible structures are key to effective product development. This also requires adaptability among leadership, and a willingness to trust and empower your teams.  

Because of this variability a few key elements are needed: 

  1. Open communications with client teams.

  2. Honed awareness of the process and product calibration points, such as:

    • Additional research / improved user insights.

    • Earlier and higher touch collaboration with development teams.

    • More detailed design specifications to name a few.

  3. Readiness to address risks and opportunities as they arise.